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  • What To Do When Your Phone Warranty Expires During Lockdown


    A broken phone during this lockdown period is not something any of us want to deal with but accidents happen. Cracking your iPhone’s screen or breaking your Android phone’s charging port is the last thing any of us wants to worry about right now. Especially with most of us under stay-at-home orders, not everyone can easily visit an LCD screen repair shop in Singapore.


    If you think breaking your phone is unlikely, you may be spending more time at home, chances are you are still texting, watching videos and making more calls than ever from your phone. So, what happens if it takes a tumble onto the sidewalk when you are out for a social-distancing walk? What if it slides off the counter top when you’re making dinner? What if it just starts acting buggy? What if this happens and your warranty has already expired?


    So, what do you do to get your mobile phone repaired? Here are the things you can try when your phone breaks without your warranty during this lockdown period.


    Contact your manufacturer

    First thing we recommend even before you go for a reliable mobile repair service in Singapore is contact the Apple Support (for iPhone users) app to talk to an employee who can help troubleshoot your issue. The app allows the support representative to run diagnostic reports and guide you through any potential fixes. 


    It is a good idea to call the store before you finalise your appointment, as some stores may have adjusted their hours or temporarily closed due to being nonessential services. Of course, this is a less than ideal solution, because you would be without your phone for up to five days. Hence, you can use an old phone or buy a cheap backup mobile phone to keep you connected while your device is in the shop.


    Fix it yourself

    If you are out of warranty and feel comfortable and confident enough to attempt and repair your phone on your own, you can always order a repair kit. There are kits that include everything you need, including the tools, to do mobile phone screen repair, swap out an Android phone’s battery or more. 


    Such tool kits have posted repair guides that go with each one, walking you through the entire process. If your movement isn’t restricted, it would save you a trip out, and potentially save you some money in the process.


    Schedule an appointment with us

    As a whole, many phone (Android) owners do not have a central location, like an Apple Store, that they can go to for repairs. If you own an Android, do not let that stress you. Yes, device repairs have been paused for the time being, leaving Android owners to find third-party repair businesses. Fortunately, iMobile Repair repairs all types of phones, tablets and even computers including Apple products, and is operating to serve you during this lockdown period.


    In order to help keep customers and employees safe, iMobile has rolled out curbside service, mail-in option, and live-customer service on our page. We can take appointments and have the parts in stock to complete your specific mobile repair


    Do not fret, you have options

    A broken phone during this lockdown period is not something any of us want to deal with, but accidents happen. Yes, you can fix a broken phone during the coronavirus lockdown. A cracked LCD display or faulty Android battery should not make you panic. You can still get your phone repaired without a warranty, either with the manufacturer (that would cost you more), try to fix it yourself, or you can bring it to an operating mobile repair shop in Singapore.


    Talk to us, let us see what we can do, and schedule an appointment with us today.

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