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  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Settle for A Cracked LCD Screen


    It can be pretty tempting to just keep using your phone as is even if you have got a cracked phone screen, after all, you may not want to drop the extra cash or run out and bring it to the nearest LCD screen repair shop in Singapore during a workday. To add to that is the fact that the damage may appear minor at first, and you have got the perfect recipe for procrastination, not that most of us need much help putting off a chore.


    The thing is, there are a number of hazards to ignoring a cracked phone screen, and while some of them may seem like common sense, there are quite a few that might surprise you. Here are the reasons why you should never settle for a cracked screen.


    1. Problems escalate quickly

    That crack on the corner of your screen may not seem like a big deal  but that can change quite quickly. That is because the daily stress that your phone goes through in your pocket or bag will soon make even a small crack start to spread. Each step you take puts a small amount of pressure on your phone. You may have seen or experienced something like this with the Apple iPhone 6, which experienced touchscreen problems or bent completely, just from everyday use.


    The iPhone 6 was a bit of an anomaly, and this kind of daily pressure is something that an uncompromised handset is built to deal with. But if your screen is cracked, it has lost the integrity that keeps it together, and things can deteriorate rapidly.


    2. You may hurt yourself

    Putting off fixing a cracked phone screen may not seem like a big deal until you consider the fact that according to research reported by Business Insider, the average phone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day. For the top 10% of users, that number more than doubles to 5,400 times daily. That means that you risk cutting your finger on the exposed shards of glass over 2,600 times on the first day alone.


    For whatever reason you absolutely cannot get your phone’s LCD repaired in Singapore, you may at least put a strip of clear tape or a screen protector over the crack in order to prevent injury. This would not stop your phone from being prone to damage, but it can at least help keep your fingers in one piece.


    3. Your phone is exposed

    It may not be super obvious, but a phone’s screen functions as more than just a display; it also works as part of a hermetic seal, purposely constructed to protect your phone’s insides from moisture, dust, dirt, and other foreign objects which your device encounters on a daily basis. Even the moisture in the air can cause a cracked phone LCD to have negative effects on your phone’s health over the long-term, causing damage to the hardware that may not be fixable.


    4. Display malfunctions

    Even if at first your touchscreen display continues to work like the usual, a cracked screen can before long cause your phone’s touch properties or display to malfunction or cease completely. Between the pressure on the display and the exposure to elements such as dust, moisture, or even the oils from your fingers, a cracked phone screen can quickly go from bad to worse.


    5. It causes eye strain and complicates navigation

    Not only can a cracked LCD be a strain on your eyes to try and decipher what lies underneath that veritable roadmap of cracks on your telephone’s display, it also can make your actual roadmap and directions impossible to read. Following GPS directions can already be hazardous enough while speeding down the road but simultaneously struggling to figure out what’s on the screen puts you in harm’s way and at risk for a traffic accident.


    6. It looks unprofessional

    You carry your phone everywhere and people are going to notice if your screen is badly cracked. This can reflect negatively on you. It sounds silly but people make judgments based on anything they can gather from your outward appearance, including the state of your smartphone. Think about it, would you trust someone you don’t know with your device if you saw that his/her smartphone was badly broken?


    Stop brushing your cracked LCD off

    Whether it’s a cracked phone screen, a broken headphone jack, home button malfunction, or any other issue you might have, there’s no reason to procrastinate it might cause your phone more damage and even cause you unwanted harm if you put it off continuously.

    Are you looking for a shop in Singapore to repair your cracked screen, visit our website and let our experts help you!

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