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  • 5 Telltale Signs That You Should Have Your Phone Fixed


    Is your smartphone struggling to perform the same tasks it used to do effortlessly? Your phone could be suffering from a myriad of issues, some fixable, but you cannot fix it until you know what’s wrong. Mobile repair shops in Singapore can help identify problems so you can take action and get your smartphone’s function back.  Here are some telltale signs that you need to have your phone repaired.


    1. Faulty Battery Life

    Problems with your smartphone’s battery performance can indicate a deeper issue that screams for mobile repair. Especially if there is no rhyme or reason to your phone’s ever-decreasing battery life. If you find that your smartphone loses charge quickly even if you’re not using battery-intensive processes and apps, it’s probably time to identify the issue and have it repaired. There could be sketchy apps running in the background and taking up precious battery juice without you knowing it.


    2. Inconsistent Signal

    If your smartphone’s data network or Wi-Fi signal is constantly cutting out with a weak signal, your phone may be operating on the wrong frequency or have an outdated bootloader or firmware that is affecting its ability to stay online. There is nothing more frustrating than getting kicked out of a video chat or missing an important phone call because your mobile phone decided to go offline at precisely the wrong moment.


    3. Overly Slow Performance

    Do you have issues with apps loading slowly, going non-responsive, and overall failing to work the way they’re intended? Overall buggy performance can indicate issues with the processor or the CPU, which can cause apps to malfunction across the board. The steps you need to take to fix this vary widely depending on the actual cause of the issue, so it is important to bring your mobile phone to an expert.


    4. Overheating

    Overheating is seriously bad for your phone, if you find this symptom very often we suggest that you bring your phone to the nearest mobile repair in Singapore immediately. It affects every aspect of smartphone operation, including battery life and process speed. If you find that your phone is constantly running hot, there could be an issue such as a faulty heat sink or a CPU problem. Running mobile diagnostics helps identify these issues so you can get them repaired before they cause permanent damage.


    5. Random Shutting Down

    Find yourself staring at a black screen when you were in the middle of answering a text message five seconds earlier? This issue is common with both iPhones and Android phones, though the cause varies. In many cases, it’s a battery, hardware, or overheating issue. Because this problem has many potential sources, it is very important to get to the bottom of it with expert diagnostics before you try fixing your mobile phone.


    Diagnose and Repair

    Any of these five signs on their own is enough to be considered a sign of necessary repair. If you are ready to get your phone back into working order, it would give you valuable insight into every aspect of your phone’s functionality. Some issues are easy to fix at home, such as the phone being on the wrong Wi-Fi frequency. Others require the attention of a professional, such as faulty hardware. Whatever the case, it is time to get your mobile phone back into working order.


    If you are looking for a place to have your touch-screen mobile phones repaired, visit our website and let our experts run some diagnostics and have it repaired in no time.

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