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  • 5 Reasons Why Getting Your Phone Fixed Is A Wiser Choice


    As technology continues to progress and evolve, people clamour over the latest upgrade and the newest release. People tend to be happy to have an excuse to have their phones replaced, discarding a phone that only needs to be repaired. Of course, there is nothing wrong with purchasing new items since that is the building block of the consumer-driven economy, unfortunately not everyone can afford this luxury. When we consider all sides of the argument, there are many reasons why having your phones repaired is still a pragmatic choice instead of replacing it.


    Take a look at the following reasons that may just sway you to having your mobiles repaired in Singapore.


    1. Cost-Efficient

    With the exception of maybe a phone exploding into pieces, repairing your device is more affordable than outright buying a new phone.  Typical repair prices range from $50-$130, while new devices range from $200-$1,000, depending on which mobile phone you want. If you are looking to save money and extend the quality and life of your device, you should really consider bringing it to the nearest mobile repair shop in Singapore.


    Also, you need to consider whether your upgrade is truly an upgrade. Many people love having the newest and shiniest device on the market even when they know the features and specs are just about the same. Having your phone repaired is more cost-efficient than buying the “latest one” with just the same features as your current phone.


    2. Peace Of Mind

    Some mobile repair shops in Singapore also offer warranties on not only repairs completed by them, but also on devices themselves.  Warranty and protection services make worrying about a cracked screen is a thing of the past.  It used to be the case where phone providers would insure your device, now it is becoming more and more common to protect your device with third party tech insurance.  You need not to worry when your actual phone warranty expires, you will still have a peace of mind with a reliable repair shop of your choice.


    3. Saves Time

    You might be surprised to find that in the majority of instances, repair time is significantly shorter than set up time. Mobile repairs can be done while you wait, whereas you likely need a good chunk of time to purchase and prep your new device. Consider the time it typically takes at your phone provider.  From discussing phone options, plans, and data transfers, you are banking on an hour at least to get your device ready to go. If you are on a time crunch and cannot be away from your device for very long, then the repair route is right for you.


    4. Ideal For Families

    Technology, when used appropriately, can be educational and entertaining for your children.  However, it is more ideal to have your old mobile phones repaired and fixed and hand them down to your kids. It is like giving your teenagers a second-hand car to practice with before you buy then a brand new one. That way you maximise your old phone and save money at the same time.


    5. Better Usability

    Some people push off the idea of getting their touch screen mobile phones repaired. People often misjudge how expensive repairs are so they think it is not worth it, and they just choose to “save up” for a new one. Usually these people end up using broken devices for much longer than they need to. Which results in a less pleasant mobile usage experience, rather than enduring your cracked screen or a draining battery, consider how a repair can help you enjoy your mobile device again as if they are brand new.


    Breaks happen and they can be fixed

    You do not need to replace your phone over some minor damages. Replacing your phones for a cracked screen is not pragmatic. Regardless of your individual phone situation, take the time to weigh the costs from start to finish of getting a new phone before running out to buy one. While a new device may seem like the cheapest way to go, it is not usually the case when you consider the additional costs.


    If you are looking for a mobile repair shop in Singapore, be pragmatic and visit our website and let our team of experts help you with your phone.

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