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  • 4 Reasons Why Mobile Repairs is a Sub-Necessity Right Now


    So, your phone breaks this lockdown period, what do you do? Unfortunately, there are things that you cannot simply fix on your own, for example when your LCD shatters, you would really need an LCD screen repair expert in Singapore to fix that for you.


    With the countrywide lockdown owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, which is keeping everyone at home for an extended period of time, people have begun to face problems with services that have been deemed as non-essential, such as mobile repair services in Singapore.


    However, just as having a smartphone is a necessity, here are four reasons why mobile repairs service is of equal importance at this time.


    1. Buying a new phone is just simply pricey

    Lockdown or no lockdown the mobile repair industry will continue to be indispensable despite the rapid improvement of smartphone technology. This is because the level of durability of these devices are mostly unchanged. There may be brands that are certified unbreakable but there will always be phones that will be rated worse in terms of durability. Besides, the price of phones that are deemed super durable would be something that the majority of masses cannot afford.


    2. Official after-sales support are complicated

    Once you have bought a brand new smartphone, chances are you would be offered only a limited manufacturer’s warranty. If your phone becomes damaged for some reason, you can always send it to its manufacturer’s after-sales repair service center. However, since it has to go through several processes it would also mean you may not have a phone to use for days. Valuable number of days you cannot afford to lose. Also, the official after-sales support that these smartphone companies have only offer expensive options for repair. Not to mention the hassle and complex process that one has to go through if the cellphone is submitted to this official after-sales support team for repair or replacement. This is when turning to a mobile repair service would become your better option. 


    3. People cannot afford to lose personal info now

    Now that almost everyone is working from home, people cannot afford to lose personal information stored in their gadgets. The thought of the enormous amount of personal data that has been stored in your phone would make you want to save it no matter what the cost. 


    You will find yourself compelled to just call for the nearest mobile repair shop in Singapore who can assure you that your files will still be retrieved and will remain intact despite the damage it obtained. When the information you value so much is in your damaged smartphone, having it repaired becomes a better option than replacing it with something brand new.


    4. Mobile repair shops are simply indispensable

    Even though the mobile repair industry is not experiencing the level of growth that it had in the previous years, it will no doubt remain to be an indispensable industry. It will still continue to have a huge scope of target market, as well as market potential. The occurrence of smartphone saturation does not automatically lead to zero demand for repairs. So, even when smartphone shipments tend to reach saturation, many people will still turn to repair industries for help regarding mobile problems.


    Mobile repair industry is just as important as the smartphone industry

    People cannot afford to be disconnected during this period that everyone is required to keep distance from everyone else. Smartphones are more important today not just with people who work from home but everyone hence, the mobile repair industry is just as important as the smartphone industry and telecommunication industry for they bridge the gap between the product and the service smartphone industry provides.


    If you are looking for a reliable smartphone repair service in Singapore, visit our website and let our experts help you with your needs.

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